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A postcard journey

Late April adventures

With the perfect late April weather window and the difficult task of choosing who is joining in on the adventure all sorted, the 5 of us all excitedly met at the boat on the Friday night in Tauranga, ready for an early morning departure.

Full of fuel, water, food and drinks we motored out of the harbour under the watchful eye Mauao, just as the sun peeked it's head over the horizon.

The ocean had gone quiet of game fish after the previous weeks actions as we trolled north, from Mayor Island towards the Aldermans but the weather and sea conditions were bliss. The plan was to troll north then stop at the Aldie pins to jig for Kingfish with each drift producing some good adrenalin pumping action, hooting and everyone having some good arm pulling battles. As the sun slowly drifted lower in the sky we made our way up to Great Mercury Island's Coralie Bay to anchor up for the night. What an amazing place to visit! The beautiful Islands, rock formations and clear blue ocean was unreal as we heading into the bay. A refreshing swim with the local stingray, backed up with a warm shower, gourmet meals, a couple of cold drinks and we were truly living the dream.

The weather and ocean conditions couldn't have gotten any better the following day for the run round to Auckland, so we stopped out at never fail rock to enjoy the fishery that was boiling up all around us. While heading back phone calls were being made to prolong the trip another day but alas work duties called and we carried on round to Auckland much to the dismay of everyone on board.

Heading back down from the top of the Coromandel Peninsula towards the hustle and bustle of New Zealand's largest city we were escorted by a pod of dolphins happily jumping and playing in our wakes, reminding us to not wait too long before coming back out to play on the big blue.

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