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Admiral 10m Sports Cruiser

The ultimate 10m sports cruiser on the market. Incorporating larger launch features and luxuries and combining them into this perfect small launch package.

Admiral 9m Game Fisher

Designed around a game/sportfishing concept and available with full custom fitouts, get to your offshore adventures in speed and style  

Admiral 10m Sports Fisher

Soon to come...

Premium New Zealand built boats

At our boat building company, we make ordering a custom-built boat a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here's what makes us one of NZ's premier award winning boats


Exceptional Design and build

Embark on extraordinary adventures with our meticulously crafted boats, where every detail is meticulously honed that guarantees that each ride is an unforgettable experience, surpassing all expectation.


Superior Construction

Stringent quality and meticulous attention to detail, and composite engineering ensuring durability, reliability, and exceptional performance on the water.


Collaborative performance

Teaming up with Volvo Penta to showcase exceptional efficiency and agility, superb blue water performance and quiet comfortable cruising

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